Stus-List Keyless Ignition Switch and Teflon Grease

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We purchased a spray can of Teflon grease from the local hardware store -
works just fine.  Would suggest sticking to the Teflon as any other type
will eventually build up and or harden causing all kinds of mischief with
the bearings




John and Maryann

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I like the idea of using a switch, but would there be an issue if someone
"forgot" to turn it off when the DC power is on, i.e, any risk of damage to
the electrical system or other potential hazards?  With the key, forgetting
is much less likely for anyone with CRS.

As part of my spring tasks I will be inspecting and servicing my Edson
steering (I'm not sure when the PO did it last and I have not since we got
Alera last year).  Edson recommends their Teflon grease for the needle
bearings.  Is the lithium grease a viable substitute?  And if any knows the
secret technical specs that apply to these sort of lubricants it would be a
help in finding a more economical substitute for Edson's stuff.

Any other tips on  servicing the system, besides what Edson has on it's
site, are also appreciated.


Tom B

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