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Bob – 

As I am doing more racing with my boat, I’m kicking around the different sized sails and saw your line-up close to what I’ve been thinking.


I’m interested in how you decided on these sizes and if they actually did work out as you planned.   I also would like to hear what weight they are and the wind ranges/conditions you typically use them.  IE 155% up to 10 knts TWS, 140% = 10-20 knts TWS, etc?  


Thanks for the help.






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Hello Raymond.  My C&C 33-2 is for sale and I have a interested party for whom my asking price is a bit more than he wants to spend.  I’m wondering if you would be possibly interested in buying my latest suit of sails, and the buyer of my boat can use my earlier set (which are still usable, especially if the focus isn’t racing.  In fact I still use the older set when not racing.)


My “new” sails:

155% 2012 North 3DL raced just 1 season, excellent condition. Paid $3,700.

UK Tape Drive Silver Powerhead mainsail w 1 reef bought July 2011, used 1 1/2 season. Paid $2,916.

UK Tape Drive Silver #3 (95%, trims in front of the spreaders) bought July 2011, maybe been used 4-5 times. Paid $3,001.

UK Tape Drive Silver #2, 140% purchased late 2009 and not sailed until 2010 season. Probably used less than 10-12 days. Paid $2,925.


$12,542 worth of sails.  Sell them for $5,500.  I’d have to see if that works for the potential buyer and of course see if you had any interest in the idea.  Your thoughts?


(I bought a C&C 110, just itching to get it in the water in a few weeks!  Here’s the listing for my 33-2 for grins... <> &units=Feet&id=2545168&lang=en&slim=broker&&hosturl=freshwaterboats&&ywo=freshwaterboats& )





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I am looking to purchase new sails for the C&C 1985 33-2. I do a little bit of cruising and some club racing.  I need recommendations on what kinda of sails get the best results without going broke.  Also, I am looking for recommendations on either a Lazy Jack System or Dutchman.  What works better....

Libertyville, IL


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