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Mon Mar 18 17:30:39 EDT 2013

Love my 30-1. Could go on and on about the good stuff.

If freshwater, I don't think standing rigging is a weak spot - most
freshwater owners seem to have the original 30+ year old "overbuilt" 1/4"
ss.stranded and I've asked around but no one reports hearing of one fail.
If early model (hull # before about #560...1978 or so) the boom is
apparently one foot lower and more dangerous. Other things to watch for are
teak and holly floor cosmetics or sag (hard to replace on this model
because it is under the salon furniture), spacious lazarettes are open to
the spinning prop shaft - lots of possible adventures there (don't ask me
how I know - now have added withdrawable plywood panels midships from
lazarette space to close in engine/shaft area)... I'd ask for a sample
drawn from the bottom of the fuel tank to check for algae... mast wiring
was sometimes untinned copper lamp wire (mine was) - even in freshwater
boats that can be green powder after all these years...
otherwise have a blast - she can take just about anything, more than we who
sail her.

"Sarah Jean"
1980 30-1
Siskiwit Bay Marina
Lake Superior

On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 2:33 PM, Dr. Mark Bodnar <drbodnar at>wrote:

> Hi All,
> I'm new to the list.  Just joined up as I'm getting serious about moving
> up to a bigger boat.
> Currently sail a Mirage 24 in Halifax NS Canada, bought it last year,
> loved getting back on the water, but it's a little small to spend much time
> aboard with my 4 kids.
> After extensive online research and scanning Yachtworld and local boats
> I've narrowed down on trying to get a C&C 30.  Seems to be the right size -
> small enough to singlehand, and light enough for our club crane to hoist,
> but still big enough to spend some time out on the water.
> I've read most everything on the C&C site, including a bunch of the
> mailing list archives.  Was on a local boat here the other day - getting an
> idea of the size and space.
> I know the mast step is prone to softening, and the ports will likely need
> replacement (if not done already), plus there are the typical issues with
> the deck core, chainplates, standing rigging etc that can be problematic
> with any older boats.
> Any specific advice on things I need to watch for?  I have someone I've
> chatted with on SailNet who has offered to check out one boat for me (in
> Long Island NY there is a nice looking 30 for sale - new diesel in 2000,
> well fitted out)
> Thanks in advance for the advice,
> Mark
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