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I agree on both counts with what Bob advises.  I used Sealand Industries to
bring Alianna home form the USA and the papers you get from the "border
broker" are real handy 6 years down the road when I registered my boat and
the province came checking for proof of taxes paid. 

Dwight Veinot
C&C 35 MKII, Alianna
Head of St. Margaret's Bay, NS

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Should you purchase this boat and decide to have it trucked to NS, a few 
things to consider:

1. I used Sealand Industries (I have coordinates) from 
will be hard pressed to hire a better professional to transport your 
boat.  If he is already in the area of your boat, you might obtain a 
better price than him simply going to get it.

2. Some, maybe all, truckers will insist you hire a 'border broker'....I 
did, it cost me $125....he took care of all of the paper work and taxes 
at the border.....have coordinates on this as well.

Bob Abbott
C&C 32 - 84
Halifax, N.S.

On 2013/03/19 1:18 AM, Dr. Mark Bodnar wrote:
> Graham,
> I asked Belinda what the max capacity was for the club crane when I 
> started thinking about bigger boats - she told me the max lift is 
> 9000lbs - so the 30 should be fine.  I'm trying to stay within the 
> club capacity a)to save the extra expense of the big crane haul and 
> b)makes timing for launch and haul easier rather than being scheduled 
> by the big crane availability.
> As for height clearance - I'm not sure what I'd be looking at.  I know 
> I had a problem with my Mirage 24 on the club crane - the mast was too 
> short and the back stay tangled with the hoist -- I had to remove the 
> stay the one time I lifted the boat with the mast in place.
> Not sure how the C&C 30 would fair in that case, but also not sure if 
> I'd leave the mast up for winter - dropping the mast on the 24 was a 2 
> person job by hand, I'm guessing the mast on the 30 is a whole lot 
> heavier!!! -- I'll get into those questions with this list later if I 
> have the boat.
> As for some of the other suggestions.  The boat I currently most 
> interested in has a new diesel in 2000 (Yanmar 18Hp) and a new poly 
> fuel tank in 2010. The boat is in salt water (Long Island) - possibly 
> with original rigging.
> The boat is a 1979 - no teak/holly floor, but the mast should already 
> be a bit higher up and not the "roller/reefing" style.
> The current mainsheet traveler position looks difficult (easy to 
> tangle crew, can't use cockpit table under sail and looks hard to 
> sheet in and out from the helm) -- that said is it safe to move the 
> traveler to forward of the dodger? - I'd think that would be a huge 
> change of forces to have it mid-boom rather than end of boom.
> I'll put the thru-hulls on the list of upgrades if I get the boat, as 
> well as making sure the waste tank is solid.
> Thanks for all the info.  The price on the boat is good (under $16000 
> US) - but I'll need to get it home from NY - so I'm trying to decide 
> between a professional captain delivery, shipping it or sailing it 
> back myself with a couple buddies.
> If all looks good when my SailNet contact checks it out next week then 
> I'll be looking into a proper survey - make sure the rigging and 
> engine are solid for trip back to NS.
> BTW - any thoughts on importing a boat from the US to Canada? I'm 
> assuming I'll just be paying HST on the purchase price (I bought a 
> little bowrider power boat in Boston a few years back - pretty simple 
> crossing to border, just paid HST --- but not sure how it works if I'm 
> sailing home)
> Mark
> ---------------------
>   Dr. Mark Bodnar
> B.Sc., D.C., FCCOPR(C)
> Bedford Chiropractic
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