Stus-List Replacing Exhaust hoses 33 Mark II

Robert Abbott robertabbott at
Sun Mar 31 10:49:26 EDT 2013


No experience on the 33 II but I did replace my exhaust hose last year 
on a 1984-32....there were early signs of water leakage from the 
inside....I could see a few wet spots on the hose which could only be 
coming from inside......I didn't want to wait until the CO started leaking.

My biggest challenge was accessing the thru hull in the stern....I had 
to remove the propane locker which turned out to be a major PITA....then 
I had to stand on my head in the opening to access the thru hull.

At 25 years old, it's probably about time.....mine was 27 years and was 
starting to leak.    Don't wait until the hose leaks CO.

Bob Abbott
C&C 32 -84
Haliafx, N.S.

On 2013/03/30 3:31 PM, Eric Howarth wrote:
> Anyone have experience replacing exhaust hoses on a 33 II?
> It's starting to look like a major project. I think if I remove the fuel tank, steering cables, quadrant, and then drop the rudder I MIGHT be able to squeeze in to reach the outer end.
> Alternatively, someone talk me into thinking that 25 year old hoses are OK for a few more seasons:)
> Eric Howarth
> Morning Mist IV
> Kingston
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