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So...what's your point.  
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yeah right.

A few years back someone asked me if I was going to enter the Banderas 
Bay Regatta (the one where Mike messed up his legs) and I said 'it would 
take two weeks of solid work to pull all this stuff off the boat, and if 
I actually sailed it like that I'd be so happy I'd never want to put all 
the stuff back on it.  Then I'd have to buy a house to put all the stuff 
in, and I'd have to sell the boat to make sure I could pay the mortgage, 
and then I'd have to get a housekeeper, and I'd end up sleeping with her 
and then I'd have babies to deal with, and then I'd have to get a job to 
pay for them and put them through school, and then I'd wish I'd never 
raced the boat.'


Bob Moriarty wrote:
> Wal,
> Into rap now? Cool.

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