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One thing I used on my other boat for installing deck hardware was barrel
bolts. You can back them with fender washers and they are a very elegant
solution. Far better than acorn nuts.

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On Fri, May 3, 2013 at 10:41 AM, Bill Coleman <coltrek at> wrote:

> I put brass inserts in the wood, so now I screw 10-24 oval heads into it,
> much nicer than worrying about the wood stripping. Now I would probably
> epoxy embed SS helicoils, as I have used these other places with good
> results. I used 5200, as I notice most people step on these, usually when
> the boat is heeled.  Any screw would have trouble withstanding this
> torture,
> but the 5200 makes it solid.  And don't you crazy people start on me about
> 5200, it is not a problem.  I did this one year, removed them the next with
> a hot putty knife with no problem.  Re-installed the same way.  Some people
> have put a small countersink into either the deck or handrail, and used an
> O
> ring, which I think is a great idea if you plan on removing them often.  I
> am fine with sanding and varnishing once a year, takes very little time.
> Can't see a problem with Steve's Butyl either if you want to remove them
> often.
> Bill Coleman
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> Hello again,
> As i'm getting closer to installing my new handrails, I have grown concern
> regarding the bedding compound.  My old handrails were lag screwed from the
> bottom.  I like this approach as it makes installing finished handrails a
> much less time consuming job.  There would be no need for plugging, sanding
> and re-finishing the plugs after installation.  I wanted to re-bed them
> using the method descibed on
>  However, the more
> I
> think about it, using the Butyl tape doesn't lend itself very well to using
> lag screws.  It seems to me you don't want the bolt/screw turning, as it
> would grab the Butyl and pull it out of place.  You know, that stuff likes
> to stick to itself and everything else.
> Wouldn't turning the lag bolt mess up the nice cone shaped blob you place
> for the countersink area?
>  ... Am I overthinking this?
>  ...should I go back to jolly 'ol 5200?
> ...should I reconsider through bolts and plugs and then have to deal with
> refinishing the plug areas.  I wouldn't mind but, the need to re-coat 8
> times at 1 time per 24hrs really makes it tedious.  Especially, when it
> takes me 40 minutes to get to the boat.  Thats not much fun after work
> every
> day.  1 1/2 driving for 20 minutes of coating, not to mention the gas...LOL
> As always, I appreciate any and all opinions and insights,
> Danny
> Lolita
> 1973 Viking 33
> Westport Point, MA
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