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You can try mixing Marine Tex starting with the grey maybe? Add blue and black in varying ratios. The trick is to mix very small amounts without adding the hardener. You mix a teaspoon amount and dab small samples right on the transom until you get a close enough match. It's trial and error. You can easily wipe off the dabs because you haven't use the hardener. Once you get a good match, you mix up the entire Marine Tex jar to color match using the what you learned from the sample size tests. Test dab again to be sure before adding any hardener. It may take twenty tries to get a good match, or you may never get a match? You can always ask a gelcot repair guy to mix up a batch for you? But if you can get a close match, that jar becomes your patch kit. You are going to use only enough to repair the scratch and keep the rest in reserve for future fixes. 

Last you prep the area well, tape off the dings and scrathes and mix only the amount of MarineTex you need for the repair. 

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I have some small areas where I have had to make some repairs to deepish scratches and chips (bottom of the transom). The color of my hull is dark blue (Indigo to be precise!). The yard has told me that the gelcoat patch kit from West Marine / Evercoat is not going to be any good because they use a white base and I will not get it anywhere dark enough. 

I am not looking for perfection – just something that will disguise the white / grey MarineTex and pass maybe a 50ft test! 

Any suggestions. All I need is probably 1/8 th of a cup. Probably less. 

Would love to do a complete paint job = but it’s not on the cards anytime soon. 


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