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Remove the Binnacle guard leaving the floor mounts in place and drill holes
through the cockpit floor for the wires. Keep insides of mounts clean so
guard fits back in. I started with a small drill then over drilled in size
and then filled with epoxy to seal any coring and then drilled the size for
the wires. Pretty thick with plywood floor etc.  Then drilled hole where
wires are to come out the Binnacle guard (hardest part to do). Since I ran
many wires into an Edson pod for three instruments , I had to align holes in
each side of the Pod binnacle interface with Edson mounts so no wires are
exposed. Run the wires through before remounting the Binnacle Guard
simplifies the snaking of wires etc. Good Luck!


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you'll need a coat hanger or electrician's fish tape and a helper.
I'd also run a messenger line to make the next one easier.

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On May 4, 2013, at 11:10 AM, Robert Gallagher <trysail at> wrote:

> I am getting ready to fully wire my Chartplotter/depth/ to power, depth
transducer, and Ais GPS that is located down below.
> There is not enough room to go through the pedestal as the autopilot and
engine cables are taking up most of the space and I don't want anything to
get tangled.
> The pedestal guard is the obvious choice but there are NO HOLES down
there.  Only nuts on studs or bolts at the base of the guard tubes.
> A new pedestal guard seems like overkill just to run wires.  And yes, I
need the chartplotter at the helm.
> Thanks in advance, I know someone will come up with a solution :) 
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