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Stevan Plavsa stevanplavsa at
Wed May 8 10:19:18 EDT 2013

Hi All.

I've gone ahead and hooked up a kenwood car stereo in my 32. I like to
think I did a pretty neat install. I removed the cross member at the top of
the nav station, cut a hole in it for the deck and reassembled. It looks
"factory", you know, if they installed disco light stereos back in 1980.
What is it with the current manufacturers making all of the car stereos
ugly as sin these days? Anyway, I digress..

How many of you keep the yellow (constant 12V) hooked up to the battery at
all times?

The reason I ask is not because of the radio stations .. it's because it's
a bluetooth deck and when you cut power to it entirely it forgets all the
settings and that's a pain in the ass to do every time. Anyway, I can
conveniently stream music from my phone and have it play in the cockpit or
cabin or both .. it's pretty sweet.

Once I recover from the spring spend I'll be installing a 100 Watt solar
panel on top of the bimini .. but for now, I'm on a mooring and I don't
want to kill my battery.

C&C 32 Suhana
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