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Bob Moriarty bobmor99 at
Wed May 8 20:20:06 EDT 2013

I've formed the opinion (everyone has one), probably from this list, that a
good way to compare lead-acid batteries is by $/pound.
Bob M
Ox 33-1
Jax, FL

On Wed, May 8, 2013 at 11:50 AM, Bob Dryer <bob07052 at> wrote:

> I suspect that all batteries with the same label and/or warranty are not
> the same. Because of shipping costs, it is likely that different brands
> come off the same assembly line and are just branded differently. I also
> suspect that warranties are mostly a marketing gimmick and have little to
> do with battery longevity. The cost of honoring longer warranties is just a
> selling expense,  not an indicator of quality.
> bob07052
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