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The thinnest marine wire would work fine as would a 3 amp fuse. There is almost no current on that wire.

Joe Della Barba

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16 gauge will work fine and a 5-15 A fuse is just there for fire prevention, not to protect the equipment.
Rich Knowles
Indigo. LF38

On 2013-05-09, at 10:16, Stevan Plavsa <stevanplavsa at<mailto:stevanplavsa at>> wrote:

I have the opposite problem. After a hard reset my deck turns my cockpit speakers OFF :)
But only when streaming bluetooth audio, which is all I really do. It's like 5 layers into the menu and a PITA to set up each time.
15 amp fuse is what I have been reading people use on this wire, would that be correct? I'll be hooking it up directly to the battery.
I can't recall now whether it's 14ga or 16ga wire.

Suhana, C&C 32

On Thu, May 9, 2013 at 6:07 AM, Bill Bina <billbina at<mailto:billbina at>> wrote:
I have an external rocker switch that disconnects the cockpit speakers.

Bill Bina

On 5/8/2013 9:15 PM, Wally Bryant wrote:
I wired it to the main panel on the input side of the main DC breaker.  It only is shut off when I turn the big ON/OFF switch (A/B/All for some folks.)   That seemed like a good compromise to me.  Depending on how fancy your stereo is, it can be a PITA to go through the setup constantly.  For me, I use the fader to control volume in the main cabin vs. cockpit.  That's important.  A few times I have forgotten about that, and after doing something electrical have been inside rockin' out to music or watching a movie without realizing that my cockpit speakers are sharing my experience with anyone nearby.  That's rude, and embarrassing. For that reason I deliberately change the default display color to 'red' so that if I see the default 'blue' color I know to check the setup.


you wrote:
How many of you keep the yellow (constant 12V) hooked up to the battery at
all times?

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