Stus-List Electrolysis :"unglue" aluminium from stainless steel

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Do you think the heat might damage the microstructure of the metal?


Corrosion deposits like aluminum oxide and aluminum hydroxide likely caused
the tight fit so I wonder if a solvent for those deposits might not work, or
a combination of solvents.  It might be worth trying concentrate muriatic
(hydrochloric) acid.   If you do try a concentrated acid be very careful and
use safety gear and have lots of fresh water handy, like a hose.  If you can
submerge the part that might work otherwise you will have to come up with a
way to keep the acid where it is needed.  If you try a dilute acid first
remember add acid to water, or like the alphabet "a" to "w"


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I recently used heat (a heat gun), penetrating oil (WD40 or similar), and
light taps from a hammer on a stuck fitting.  It took significant heat and
patience but the fitting came apart without damage.




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On my Atoms windvane, there is a plate in Aluminium alloy on the stainless
steel frame. It is use to hold ans/or remove the pendulum. After a year, I
cannot remove it to install the pendulum.. Is there some kind of "trick"or
product that would help me to remove that piece ? Probably some electrolysis
glued it toghether.

For those who knows the Atoms, I am referring to a triangularly shape piece
between the vane and the pendulum fixed on the frame with two button like
washers. (this piece is also sometimes made out of tufnol or Bakelite (mine
is in cast aluminium :-(.




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