Stus-List CDI furling drifter on a CC30-1 with Furlex furler

Bryan Buttigieg bryanbtto at
Sun May 12 21:21:35 EDT 2013

I was looking to buy an asymmetrical spinnaker for my c&c 30-1 but the sailmaker recommended a 1.5 oz drifter instead with a CDI flexible furler as this would allow sailing on a greater number of points of sail. I like the idea but can not figure out a good attachment point for the furler/tack of the drifter. The sailmaker suggested welding a fitting on the pulpit for the furler and a wire/turnbuckle led from the base of the pulpit to the bow to transfer the load from the pulpit to the hull. He says this will work and that the sail will not be under heavy loads in any event since it is designed to be used on 0 to 8 kts true wind.
Is this safe? Would this put undue strain on the pulpit and cause leaks? Has anyone tried such a system and did it work? Has anyone tried to use a drifter on a C&C30-1 already equipped with a furlex furler and if so where did you attach the tack of the sail?
Middle "C"
C&C 30-1

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