Stus-List Electrical Advice?

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Unfortunately there is no way to isolate the problem between a blown bulb or a bad connection in the socket.  Both will read as open circuit; a good bulb and connection should read a few Ohms of resistance. (Cold bulb less than 5)  Make sure you have good, clean connection at the mast base.

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I am no electrician, but I would think that (if it is a regular bulb) an ohm
meter check through the positive and negative wires should show connectivity
if the filament is not blown. 

Bill Coleman
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After steeping the mast, I hooked up the various lights (running, bow, 
foredeck).    Mast head light did not come guess is a blown 
bulb or the bulb connection could be bad.

I am no electrician but I do have a digital multimeter.  Is there a 
'test' with the multimeter that can suggest that it is a blown bulb or a 
bad bulb connection?

A simple 'yes' answer will not suffice.....step by step explanation 
would be helpful.

I ask this because getting the the top of my mast is a 3 person to up, one to grind and one to tail.  If I know it is the 
bulb, I can plan for a fix accordingly.

Bob Abbott
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Halifax, N.S.

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