Stus-List Electrical Advice?

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Make sure the battery 12V is NOT connecter to the circuit, i.e. the masthead light switch is not on.  You can fry your meter otherwise or at least get incorrect result.


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Set your meter to read resistance (ohms)
Touch the red and black probes together to test the meter.  You should see 0 ohms when touching and OL (out of limits) when not touching
Attach the common (black) probe to a ground wire (black or yellow) at the mast base junction

Touch the meter's red probe to the positive wires at the junction


Out of limits - open circuit, i.e. burned out bulb or bulb not making good contact in socket

Some ohm reading - resistance shows good bulb
0 ohms - shorted circuit

Dennis C.

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>After steeping the mast, I hooked up the various
 lights (running, bow, 
>foredeck).    Mast head light did not come guess is a blown 
>bulb or the bulb connection could be bad.
>I am no electrician but I do have a digital multimeter.  Is there a 
>'test' with the multimeter that can suggest that it is a blown bulb or a 
>bad bulb connection?
>A simple 'yes' answer will not suffice.....step by step explanation 
>would be helpful.
>I ask this because getting the the top of my mast is a 3 person 
> to up, one to grind and one to tail.  If I know it is the 
>bulb, I can plan for a fix accordingly.
>Bob Abbott
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>Halifax, N.S.
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