Stus-List Overheating due to plugged knuckle

Kim Brown kimcbrown at
Wed May 15 15:57:38 EDT 2013

Hard to tell as I also had the fresh water pump replaced and assorted
hoses/belts, along w/ replacing the knuckle, clean and tighten exhaust elbow
etc.  Looks like the parts bill includes $50/each for the new tips and
another $12/ each for the assorted bits -washers, covers etc associated w/
injectors. 1.5 hours for shop work- replace tips, clean, paint @ $85/hr.
plus he came to me, pulled them and reinstalled them- testing compression on
his way through. All in it was $700 labor/travel time and $400 parts. In my
youth that would have been 11 boat bucks but being an experienced boater I
now know it is barely more than 1 boat buck (US or CDN)..... And it was well
worth it - purrs like a new engine.   
Kim Brown
Trust Me!!!


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Hi Kim

Thanks for this.  It is what I'm worried about.  The boat has started to
blow extra smoke on start and I'm thinking unburned diesel. It also blows
smoke when you idle down for a bit and then rev up again.  Once warmed up it
seems fine. I've got a mechanic coming in a couple of weeks (they are backed
up here in Victoria).

What I worry about is the slippery slope on an old engine.  It is 1981 with
around 1800 hours and raw water cooled.  It runs fairly nicely but.....  I
also worry about the cost of a new engine which would not materially change
the value of the boat - as people were saying earlier - boats cheap, parts

How many boat units did getting the injectors cost if you don't mind


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