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For a new M3-20B, the Universal Operator's Manual gives a table that 
says hold the preheat switch for approx 10 sec if temperature is 41F/5C 
or higher, 15 sec if temperature is 41F-23F/5C- -5C, and 20 sec if temp 
below 23F/-5C.  With Universal-supplied panels the preheat switch has to 
be pressed for the starter button to work, and it (the preheat button) 
has to be held down until oil pressure builds up, other wise the engine 
will stop.

This was also the same info given in the operators manual for an older 
20B-2, which I think was about your engine's vintage, though some 
engines did not have the oil pressure switch feature.

Neil Gallagher
Glen Cove, NY

On 5/15/2013 3:51 PM, David Knecht wrote:
> I have only had a few tries at starting the M430 engine on my new 
> boat, and I have been told several different stories.  One person said 
> to hold the glow plug button for 5-10 seconds and then start.  Another 
> said 30 seconds on the glow plug and then leave the button pushed 
> while also pushing the starter.  The latter worked when I was first 
> starting the engine after the winter while plugged into shore power. 
>  Yesterday I started it for the first time without shore power and 
> found that the starter did not kick at all if I started while also 
> holding the glow plug button.  Started find when I let go the glow 
> plug button.  What is the "normal" starting procedure with a cold 
> engine in cool weather.  Warm weather?  Warm engine?  Thanks- Dave
> David Knecht
> Aries
> 1990 C&C 34+
> New London, CT
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