Stus-List Overheating due to plugged knuckle

Gary Nylander gnylander at
Thu May 16 08:46:44 EDT 2013

Someone had a source of Yanmar exhaust risers (other than Mack Boring). My 
old black pipe version decided to rust apart yesterday. I have it patched 
for a while, but that is going to be a short term solution.

Before I build a new black pipe version, I would like to check out a 'real' 

Gary Nylander
Yanmar 2QM15.
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> Don
> Hard to tell as I also had the fresh water pump replaced and assorted
> hoses/belts, along w/ replacing the knuckle, clean and tighten exhaust 
> elbow
> etc.  Looks like the parts bill includes $50/each for the new tips and
> another $12/ each for the assorted bits -washers, covers etc associated w/
> injectors. 1.5 hours for shop work- replace tips, clean, paint @ $85/hr.
> plus he came to me, pulled them and reinstalled them- testing compression 
> on
> his way through. All in it was $700 labor/travel time and $400 parts. In 
> my
> youth that would have been 11 boat bucks but being an experienced boater I
> now know it is barely more than 1 boat buck (US or CDN)..... And it was 
> well
> worth it - purrs like a new engine.
> Kim Brown
> Trust Me!!!
> 35-3
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> Subject: Stus-List Overheating due to plugged knuckle
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> Hi Kim
> Thanks for this.  It is what I'm worried about.  The boat has started to
> blow extra smoke on start and I'm thinking unburned diesel. It also blows
> smoke when you idle down for a bit and then rev up again.  Once warmed up 
> it
> seems fine. I've got a mechanic coming in a couple of weeks (they are 
> backed
> up here in Victoria).
> What I worry about is the slippery slope on an old engine.  It is 1981 
> with
> around 1800 hours and raw water cooled.  It runs fairly nicely but.....  I
> also worry about the cost of a new engine which would not materially 
> change
> the value of the boat - as people were saying earlier - boats cheap, parts
> expensive.
> How many boat units did getting the injectors cost if you don't mind
> sharing.
> Don
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