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The trouble with various sprays is that they may or may  not work, or may 
damage the engine. My suggestion is to cut off the air flow at  the intake. 
When my engine Yanmar  4JH "ran  away" (injection pump problem) I used a 
nearby small plastic container to block  the air intake. Engine slowed 
immediately and stopped.
Landfall 39. 
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Urethane spray foam will do the job no problem. 

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Freon probably would have worked,  and was available everywhere.  
Can't think of anything that is  readily available now that wouldn't also 
hurt your engine.  

Steve Thomas

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A long time ago, someone  suggested keeping a spray can of something to 
stop a diesel.  What was  that?

1990  C&C 34R
Atlantic City, NJ

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WD40 is  very cagey about revealing that key ingredient. They will  
enthusiastically tell you what it isn't. It isn't Kerosene or fish oil.  
Lately they also swear it is not Stoddard solvent, but that really  is 
splitting less than a hair. It is so close to Stoddard solvent in  makeup 
that it is functionally the same thing. Stoddard Solvent is a bit  more 
refined than kerosene, but for starting a balky diesel, it is close  
enough to water-white kerosene to work for that purpose. I think it has  
a lower flash point than Stoddard solvent, which is an asset for this  
purpose. The term Stoddard Solvent covers a range of petroleum  
distillates. If someone calls the main ingredient of WD-40 "Stoddard  
Solvent", I don't think you can call them wrong, regardless of marketing  
department claims to the contrary.

Bill Bina

On 5/17/2013  6:00 PM, Knowles Rich wrote:
> I've never even tried to burn WD40.  Fish oil???
> Rich Knowles
> Indigo. LF38
>  Halifax

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