Stus-List My A4 and Me - Best Friends Forever (was A4 Blues - Redux)

Bob Moriarty bobmor99 at
Sat May 18 21:25:49 EDT 2013

I revisited the Moyer Marine site, printed an excellent electrical
troubleshooting guide and took it with me to the boat this morning. Earlier
in the week I ruled out electrical and began looking at the fuel system.
But, I had not been thorough with my electrical troubleshooting.
Bottomline, I got a $38 bag of NAPA parts (distributor cap, rotor,
condenser and points), replaced the easier two (cap and rotor) first and
the engine fired up immediately.
I should follow Dwight's advice and replace this stuff (+ plugs and inline
fuel filter) annually. If they float, I'll save them as spares.
A4s are the BEST. I don't understand why anyone would want a diesel.  :-)
Bob M
Ox 33-1
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