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the 35-3 bilge (on the keel model at least) has a very deep sump, almost 2 feet at the deepest.  No plug on the boat.
I'll ask the PO if he made any enemies at the yard, haha.  Or maybe the broker was made he dropped his selling price so much for me :-)

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I don’t know what the 35 Mk3 bilge looks like or how deep it is, but is it possible that there was a “Garboard Plug” put in to drain water from the bilge when the boat is out of the water?
If there is, and the plug wasn’t tightened it could leak enough to cause the amount of water you see, if there was no plug you would definitely see the leak.
Another possible answer is that the previous owner really PO’d someone and they drilled a small hole into the bilge. J
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The leaks appears to be directly underneath the stringer.  in fact, if you stick your finger down in the limber hole you can feel the squishiness of the stringer core that is being washed away (i've pulled out little pieces of it).  I'm assuming this foam material indicates the core is inactive.  I've tried several times to completely dry this out by sponging out that void with paper towels or a sponge and then try and feel the trickle, but this hasn't proved very effective.
I spent the winter rebedding portlights, grab rails, etc that were all leaking and had rain water intrusion pretty much licked by launch time.  I am definitely seeing this without rain.  I manually pumped it out, left the boat and came back 24 hours later (no rain, no running the engine) and took a measurment of the water level.  I then pumped it out again and took a bucket and refilled it to where it was when I pumped out - 2.5 gallons.  
Unfortunately, I can't see inside the stringer beyond what I can see looking into the limber hole.  Without cutting into the stringer and removing that foam I don't think I'm going to see the actual leak - unless anyone has some suggestions.
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