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Well, I know it's not the genny track because I took all the covers off
and watched it for an hour in the rain....nothin'.  plus, I'd see the
waterstain on the inside of the covers....nothin'

I doubt it's the toerail because it would tend to drip straight down the
inside of the hull...not on the headliner.

But....the companion way slide...that is intriguing...I'll have to look
into that one some more.  Thanks for the hint!


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I am betting on the companion way slide hatch


Dwight Veinot

C&C 35 MKII, Alianna

Head of St. Margaret's Bay, NS



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Gennie track or toe rail loose?




On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 9:21 AM, Morgenstern, Keith E CIV SEA 08 NR
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If we are talking about mystery leaks.....I have one coming from the
overhead near the nav desk.  It's in the extreme outboard, about 1-inch
aft of the electrical panel.  It drips into that little shelf.  I cannot
find any leaking bolts thru the deck anywhere aft of that, and the shape
of the headliner would seem to make the electrical panel a high point -
like the continental divide.

I honestly suspect that it's coming thru an electrical cables' sheath.
but the only wiring that "leaves the boat" back there is the stern
light, which is inside it's's a mystery.


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Hi Erik
I would tighten it while in the water, it is so unlikely to result in a
bad outcome that I don't see a reason why you wouldn't try it.

I remain baffled though as to the path the water is taking.  A leak at
the keel stub to lead joint should come in at a bolt.  For it to get up
under that stringer is a mystery to me (but then I have a leak into my
hanging locker that I am unable to find, so what do I know???).

Good luck!

Graham Collins
Secret Plans
C&C 35-III #11
On 2013-05-22 6:24 PM, Erik Hillenmeyer wrote:


        The tanks are empty, I never filled them.  The water is crystal
clear (thanks to Zebra mussels) Lake Michigan water - no fuel, oil, etc.

        I am not completely convinced it isn't finding it's way to the
stringer from elsewhere, but I just can't prove it.  I've removed all
the floor boards and the the thing is just bone dry everywhere except
inside that limber hole.  in fact, if i stick my finger in the cutout in
the stringer for the bilge hose, which is several inches to port of the
limber hole it is dry, so it almost has to be coming from below.

        My shower pump was straight forward, hose from the shower sump
to a pump under the sink and up to a thru hull at the toe rail.  I
disabled this yesterday because i installed an automatic bilge pump and
float switch to keep up with the water and the only above the water line
thru hull available was the shower drain pump - i don't use it anyway.
In off season I'll maybe add a thru hull and reattach it.

        Thanks for the input!  Any opinion on tightening keel bolts in
the water - I cannot get a conclusive answer on this.  Some sources say
do it and some say never.  I've seen it argued on several forums, but
haven't formed my own opinion yet...



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        I've been mulling over your situation.

        Here's my thoughts:

        You indicate that it seems like the water is originating from
        *inside* the stringer. We know that there are no keel bolts in
        nor are there any openings to the ocean there...and it's in
front of the
        last keel bolt, so it seems unlikely (to me) that it's a
        So...where would water come from *inside* the stringer?

        On my 35-3, they've run all the water hoses/pipes thru large
holes in
        the stringers, drilled maybe 1" or so down from the top.
        If one of those pipes has a weeping leak where it passes over
        perhaps sharp edge of the hole drilled, it could seem like the
water is
        originating in there.  Then gravity just makes the water tanks
drip into
        the bilge.
        It's been a few 2.5 gallons a day, your water tanks
should be
        noticeably low if this was the source. To test, put two
different food
        colors (or two different liquors) in the tanks, and close the
valves at
        the water pump so they aren't cross-connected, then wait it out.
        color/taste is the bilge?

        Another possibility along these lines is an extra bilge pump
        my 35-3 there is a shower sump pump for the shower in the head.
        somewhere along the line (maybe at the factory) they put a 3-way
        in, then ran a hose thru the bilge to a point between the mast
        engine, and there is a pickup there too. (it's my "aft" bilge
        If this was deranged like above (leaky hose/fitting), or if
there was
        some sort of siphon being set up from the shower to the bilge
via the
        overboard lines? It's a stretch...but maybe.

        -Keith Morgenstern
        C&C 35-3 cb

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        Been following on here for a while but never posted.

        I have a new-to-me 1984 C&C 35 MKIII on Lake Michigan.  When we
        six days ago I noticed a large amount of water in the bilge when
I would
        go to the boat.  Approximately 2.5 gallons every 24 hours.  I
        narrowed the leak down to what I assume is a hull/keel joint

        After checking all the obvious sources for this much water (thru
        tanks, etc, etc) I finally noticed that all the water was coming
from a
        limber hole in the stringer just forward of the aft most keel
bolt.  The
        water is NOTcoming out this limber hole because it's flowing
        there from a higher point in the bilge - it's flooding up from
        underneath the stringer.  The bilge area aft of this stringer is
        dry and I've elminated all other sources of water.

        The first thing I'm in the process of doing is installing an
        bilge pump and float switch (PO never had one).

        I also plan on tightening the keel bolts as soon as I get access
to a
        torque wrench and an extension that can reach the 2 feet to the
        part of the sump where one of the keel bolts is located.  I'm
        this is some help in stopping or reducing the leak.  The sailing
        is very short here and hauling out now would cost us a big chunk
        sailing, so I'm willing to try anything to stay in.

        I've thrown this out on some other blogs, but wanted to know if
        C&C owners have experienced this issue or have some solutions
        getting her through the season.



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