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Awhile back I acquired a Hella unit ( 8504 ) when it was on sale for an
exceptional price but not yet installed. Significantly larger than what it
is replacing but seems to be a quality piece of kit.


Prior to launch next year I'll be re-wiring the mast and was looking for
comment on using conduit ( or not ) or some other method to affix the bundle
to reduce mast noise. I think the mast section has a slot running up the
interior which seems like it might be used at least part way up the mast. 


Let's say you're using conduit - how do you account for wires to the
foredeck/steaming light? Two sections of a single run with a gap at the
light .. two separate conduits? Maybe the steaming light wire outside but
strapped to the conduit.


Typical bundle of wires - masthead nav lights ( 5-wires as it has
all-around, tri-light, strobe and light for Windex ), VHF ( using LMR 400 UF
coax ), masthead instruments, foredeck/steaming.


This is for a 1982 Landfall 38. 3 internal halyards - one for an inner
forestay which might give us an obstacle on the way up if we're going up the
front of the mast but maybe the back of the mast is preferred in any case.
Double spreader so two compression posts to get past - running back-stay
fittings but I don't think there are compression posts. And the top plate of
the mast is welded on so have to work through the hole from the masthead





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                        Thanks for the info.      Another question:    Are
you happy with the Aquasignal?    I was deciding between the Forespar ML-2,
Hella 8505, and the AquaSignal Series 25.   I  decided on the Hella based on
some bad reviews I found online for the other two.   The Forespar had
reports of top lens falling out while tacking and the AquaSignal was stated
as not having any spray protection for the deck light bulb and so bulbs
corroded and died prematurely.   



Paul E.
1979 C&C 29 Mk1
S/V Johanna Rose
Carrabelle, FL 


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If it is like the one on Touche's mast, I abandoned it.? It was that same
Perko all around light mounted on a metal "donut" welded to the mast.? I
installed an Aquasignal Series 25 combo steaming/foredeck light a bit above
the old fixture and dropped new wires.? 

I'm guessing the Aquasignal would fit over and hide the existing donut once
you remove the Perko light if you wanted to mount it in the same spot.? You
could use the existing wires to pull the new wires.

On a side note, Touche's pole topping lift exited another of those "donut"
things above the steaming light.? I have also abandoned that and installed
an exit box with sheave for the topping lift.

Dennis C.
Touche' 35-1 #83
Mandeville, LA


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