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But PHRF is subjective and, to be brutally honest, corrupt. 

Look at the J/105 ratings across the country. They range from 93 in some areas to 108 in others. Same boats, all supposedly based on 5-10 wind speed, so why the differences? 

Sailmakers on PHRF boards. 

The overall system is bad. Humans (or even Vulcans) need to be taken out of the process. 

Take this scenario. Owner has big bucks. He buys a heavy 40 footer that rates 90 and races in a bay where the winds never go above 6. He's getting killed out there, so he buys a 27 footer that also rates 90. 

A 27 foot planing hull 90 rater does not sail like a 19,000 pound displacement 40 footer with a 90 rating. 

New boat. New scores. 

It's unfortunate that Americap never took off. IRC has promise though. 

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Racing under PHRF ratings, it should not make a difference if he changed boats every race.  I would think it would be a disadvantage to have to learn the intricacies and peccadillos of a new boat.

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> Hi Gang
> I have a scoring question.  In Our club we have a skipper that has changed boats partway through the season.  He has done very well in both boats.  At our club we score each series and an overall that goes on the club Trophy.  Do we score him separate for both boats or as one boat?  What do other clubs do.
> Thanks Mike 
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