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I had a traveller forward of the companionway on my previous 34 and now my newer 34+.  On the 34, I added a triple block with becket and cam (Lewmar) on the traveller so I had 6:1 up and down to the boom.  It worked much more smoothly than going around all the corners of the stock arrangement.  I run the mainsheet back to the helm and when shorthanded and can adjust the main easily without going forward to a winch unless it was blowing pretty hard.  I also added a Garhauer vang and instead of the traveller, I used the vang  (vang sheeting) so that the main sheet controlled the boom in and out and the vang up and down. Far easier when shorthanded than going up to the coachroof to make adjustments.  

Last week, I finally put together the same thing on my newer 34+.  I used a Garhauer triple block (becket cam) which was about half the price of Harken or Lewmar and far beefier in construction.  The main seems to be significantly larger than my 34 because it is significantly harder to adjust by hand when blowing, but I can run it to a winch on the coach roof when it blows and the downward angle bypasses the cam.  So I would say that for any boat up to about 34', the 6:1 works great.  I would think harder about it above 34.  Dave

On Sep 9, 2013, at 12:02 PM, Marek Dziedzic <dziedzicmj at> wrote:

> On my old C&C 24 I had the traveller aft of the companion way (almost a foot aft). It was great for handling the main (I also had a good Harken traveller car there), but it was a major pain for anyone going inside. My admiral hated it. To the point that the hard requirement for the new(er) boat was that it had the traveller on the cabin top.
> Now we have an easy access below, but the sail trimming is more complicated.
> Marek
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