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Wed Sep 11 11:29:17 EDT 2013

Thanks, I will try that - perhaps tasking a tip from Tim and try taking them
30 degrees forward so they are less likely to dig into ones back!


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The stripper should be pointed towards the person tailing.  Jonathan,
sounds like yours are off by 180 degrees.  Remove the center ring
using your gas key, lift up the drum and tailer, rotate and lover it
back into place and tighten the ring.

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On Sep 11, 2013, at 8:18 AM, Tim Goodyear <timgdyr at> wrote:

> Jonathan, my self tailing winches (secondaries only) are set up so the
line stripper is about 30 degrees past pointing directly inward.  The line
comes off the winch into the cockpit when grinding and you can easily see
where to hook it over when stacking.  No complaints about back pain to date,
but they are smaller than your primaries an therefore set back a little more
from the coaming.
> Tim
> Mojito
> C&C 35-3
> Branford, CT
> On Sep 11, 2013, at 8:00 AM, Indigo <indigo at> wrote:
>> Needing advice on whether I should adjust the primary self tailing
winches on Indigo (35III)
>> My primaries are set closest to the helm - this I do not intend to change
as it makes for easier short- handed sailing. However the "finger" (sorry
don't know the correct name for it!) that leads the sheet into the jaws are
positioned so they point outboard on both starboard and port winches. My
pretty inexperienced crew often find it difficult to make a clean release
when tacking, and I was wondering if there was a better position for the
"finger". I cruise also, so am thinking that placing them inboard might
cause them to inflict pain in the backs of folks sitting in the cockpit!
>> Would be grateful if other 35Iii owners could please let me know how they
have set up their primaries?
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>> Jonathan
>> Indigo C&C 35III
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