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we used a truck rated 13000 lbs with a boat and trailer weighing 6000
lbs.  $900 in fuel at the time from Nova Scotia empty and back from CT
with boat.  Same boat and trailer behind Jeep Grand Cherokee rated 6500
lbs for the last 60 miles of trip.  Not nearly as nice to tow with.  All
that and we are only talking a 3800 lb boat with shipping height of
under 11 feet and max beam 8.5 feet.  Magnify all that as they get


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Congratulations on your purchase.  Looks like a fine boat.  


Thoughts on getting her home-

We all want to do it ourselves but I have found the cost of having a
professional do it is so much more effective. We keep moving our boat
between CT and Lake Ontario.  First we motored after repowering it.
Wonderful trip.  Difficult to carve eight days out though.  Since then
we have used a boat hauler in Cayuga NY-Lockview boat haulers.  Painless
and one of the least expensive events we boaters deal with.  I own a
decent-sized trucking company and have thought many times about getting
a commercial trailer for my boat but a good one costs considerably more
than our boat.  


Another trailering adventure--We bought a motorboat a virtually new
Albin 26 with a trailer last winter and trailered from Florida to NY
using my GMC one ton.  Weighs about the same.  Another lesson in having
someone who knows how to do it do it.  These noncommercial boat trailers
are not intended for the distances we think they should handle.


Bob Morgan


C&C 37



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