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At the end of that letter, Mr. Carroll mentioned being in a booth near the Moorings: what show is he referring too?
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  I received this letter from Barry Carroll which I'm sure the list will find interesting.  Jerome Tauber

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    Hi Jerome,

    My name is Barry Carroll and I have been asked to relaunch the C&C brand by my old friend Randy Borges (Dunes). I started in the boat building industry working for Everett Pearson when the 100,000 sf building we are now in was new, and I was very young! I then went on to work for C&C Yachts for nine years. I was based out of the Rhode Island facility, but I had the privilege to work with all the 'Georges' Cassian, Cutrhbertson, and Hinterholler. I was so fortunate to be exposed to the highest level of professionalism, craftsmanship and design talent at a very early age. They overlooked the mistakes & cockiness of a 24 year old and George Cuthbertson, Rob Mazza, and Rob Ball are friends 30+ years later. I went on to found and run Carroll Marine for the next 20 years. We always had a North Star to follow, because my, and many of my employees, past relationship with C&C and its standards.   

    The Hallmark of C&C was leading edge design from a very talented, perhaps visionary group of designers. That was consistently backed up by beautifully rendered boats that were excellent value for money. Dunes has assembled a very highly skilled workforce from the best of the team at TPI, and several old friends from C&C. We are putting the band back together with an experienced, skillful bunch of old friends, and a management group that loves sailing and competition. That alone was enough for me to come in off the bench. The clincher is that Mark Mills has agreed to come on board to design an entirely new line of C&C's. He is not only one of the world's leading edge designers with a fabulous 'eye' for just the right line (like George Cassian), but he too is a close friend who is a pleasure to work with. There is sure to be some yelling, a few battles, and maybe even an impolite word or two, it is boatbuilding after all: but I am having a great time working my tail off getting this thing launched.

    As Sarah said, we'll be at the USWatercraft / Waterlines booth on the far Northeast corner of the show near the Moorings.  Please stop by and see what we are doing. Development is well along on two very exciting new boats with a third not far off. Come on by and introduce yourself, I look forward to it.

    Barry Carroll


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