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> For me the Americas Cup lost the most apeal when they alowed crews to be multinationals.
This is my big problem and made me lose interest.  Watching two Kiwi skippers race against each other for the "Americas Cup" is an oxymoron.  What used to be the added intestest was the national pride associated with American technology and skill pitted against that from other countries (like the Olympics and most all other international competition).  This is Formula One in sailboats- professional sailboat racing.  No problem with that, but it is inherently less interesting to me.  
> The Plusses still outweigh the negatives.
> Better camera work on the boats, on the water and from helicopters
> Better TV coverage, on at a reasonable hour
> Better commentating, more knowledgable sailors instead of talking heads
> Better graphics to show boat name, speed, etc. 
> Longer series, with many more races.
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