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Probably could give blow by blow reports as we get phone/email service.
Not sure what kind of coverage we will have.




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Fred, I note that you are listed as an entrant in the BaHa Rally;  would it
be possible for you to give on-course

 up dates to the trip, the racing and the general sailing of such an event?



1987 33-II; Ohio River, Mile 584;


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Sounds like you have enough fuel in the engine for it to fire but soon runs
out.  As if the engine is starved for fuel at low rpms.

Have you replaced you fuel filters recently?

You might have an air leak in a fuel line.




Good luck


Mike Fair

Cio Cio San

Padnaram, MA


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I wonder if anyone could offer any suggestions. 


I found that lately (last few weeks), I have problems starting. The motor
kick in right away, but it does not stay up. It runs for a few seconds and
quits. It then takes a few tries before it starts and I have to give it a
bit more throttle. The weather is cooler lately (most of the summer we were
above 25C); is this an issue?


I start with the throttle at idle; about 15s of glow plugs.


The motor is a Perkins M20 (2 cyl).


Any ideas what I do wrong?





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