Stus-List America's Cup conspiracy theory

Colin Kilgour charliekilo552 at
Wed Sep 25 17:46:48 EDT 2013

No conspiracy, imo.

If it was as simple as that, John Kostecki wouldn't have been fired.

As the only American in a 'skill position', they'd want to keep him on
the boat if possible.  It's unlikely they threw him under the bus just
for the fun of it.


On 9/24/13, Brent Driedger <brentmd at> wrote:
> The thought has crossed my mind considering the money at stake and the ego
> of the big push.
> Brent
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>> On Sep 24, 2013, at 9:01 PM, Andrew Burton <a.burton.sailor at>
>> wrote:
>> One thing for sure, the sponsors are getting their money's worth! At
>> least, I certainly hope they are. I won't complain if they do the same
>> thing again...and I bet there would be more boats lined up to sail, too
>> Andy
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>>> On Sep 24, 2013, at 20:25, Chuck S <cscheaffer at> wrote:
>>> I am a long time (50 year) fan of the Americas Cup.  I doubt an NZ
>>> competitor would lose so many races to allow an even final race.  But I
>>> wouldn't doubt Oracle may have carried some extra water weight to sandbag
>>> the first few races and force their guys to sail better.  I'd love San
>>> Francisco to keep the cup but I have no love for Spithill or Ainsle or
>>> the non-American crew.  Whoever wins deserves it.
>>> I hope the next series is longer and adds a clause, " must win by two
>>> races" similar to tennis.    Or rather a longer 8 hour long race around
>>> an island similar to the original race by schooner America.
>>> Chuck
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>>> Any conspiracy theorists out there? Are the Kiwi’s letting Oracle catch
>>> up to increase the excitement level so that AC 35 will be even better
>>> televised, followed by the non-sailing media?
>>> I agree that this has been one spectacular AC.  I just wish I had had the
>>> opportunity to see them live from SF Bay!
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