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Colin Kilgour charliekilo552 at
Thu Sep 26 21:39:46 EDT 2013

I have the Comar Multi receiver from Milltech Marine.  I bought it 4
years ago and while it was state of the art at the time, I'm sure the
technology has advanced since then.  (I think Wally might have turned
me on to it.)

I've been really happy with it.  Works reliably.  Talks to my
Raymarine plotter.   Also provides a USB output that will transmit not
only the AIS data but also everything else on the Seatalk to a laptop
down below.

I'd check out the latest and greatest from these folks and go for it.
Offshore, it's one of the best $400 (or less) items you can have on
the boat.


On 9/26/13, Alan Bergen <alan-at-home at> wrote:
> I am interested in installing a Class B AIS Transponder on my boat. I'd like
> to hear from anyone who has done this. Specifically I'd like to know the
> brand, model, what you like or dislike about it, and why you chose that
> particular brand and model.

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