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it's really just 2 schools of thought.  Those that feel "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"  and  ..."ooohh that's shiny....must...touch it!" when it comes to things that move I like the tried and true.  PCs I'm always upgrading...  it's a hobby and keeping up with software resource requirements is essential.  My CAD modeling software updates every 12 months now and it does more, requires more resources and can utilize more resources.  in this regard, time is money and quality keeps me busy.  I could not compete on an XP machine with 4GB memory and AutoCAD 2007.  No one would hire me...  LOL Having said that, I just retired my 2005 Sony Viao dual core (because it died...) after 10 years of solid service as my entertainment center streaming video box... In the words of Michael Cain in Austin Powers,  "'s not the size mate, it's what you so wiv it!"   It's just that way with marine electronics, do your 10 year old instruments work?  do they suit your needs?  do you REALLY need the new Ray touchscreen?   Danny  
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I'm still on XP for my daily driver and Vista on my desktop which gets used rarely.
I do dual boot with Linux (Ubuntu) and keep it up to date.
Josh Muckley
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I have a digital recording studio in my house. You would be amazed at how much hardware, as well as software, from the trivial to the major, is not supported by Win10. What is the hurry? Let Win10 ripen for as long as possible until you actually need it. Then again, thank you to the impatient early adopters for jumping in early and finding the problems (the hard and painful way) that will be fixed a year or two from now. Some present hardware will never be supported. How many flatbed scanners went to the recycler when Win7 didn't support them, although they worked perfectly in XP?
 Bill Bina
 On 8/7/2015 5:41 AM, Steve Sharkey via CnC-List wrote:
I would expect that it would support a wide variety of hardware, but how
 about programs that were loaded on your computer?  Quicken, video
 editing, navigation programs, etc?
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 Generally, no (no need to do an upgrade).
 Be careful, though, with anything requiring special drivers (GPS
 receivers (they are all “special”), any extraordinary WLAN adapters
 (e.g. some of the special “extended range” ones), any older (and
 obsoleted) h/w (e.g. some older printers, scanners etc.), many security
 devices (e.g. finger print readers).
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 I'd be interested in how other programs run with it or whether you have
 to do upgrades on those as well.
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     I installed Windows 10 onto my Lenovo laptop with Win 7, Install was
     flawless. Made sure that OpenCPN runs as well as Office apps.  The
     new browser will import bookmarks from another browser in seconds.
     I did not have a chance to play with it much, but first look is very
     301 541 8551 <tel:301%20541%208551>
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