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Hi, John.  No, you’re not crazy; just be careful with mixing and matching equipment from different vendors.  And as long as you’re putting in modern electronics, there’s no reason I can think of to NOT integrate all of them together; you get benefits like autopilot steering to wind angle or to waypoints; and the ability to repeat GPS, wind, depth and other data out to WiFi if you’re so equipped.  And as far as not having a knot meter, that means you lose the ability to correlate the GPS and boat data to determine if you’re dealing with current set and drift, which can be very helpful.

Only you know what you’d really like to have; but I would at minimum do a full instrument install, and my preference would be for the i70 Sail Pack system if you’re looking at Raymarine.

If you go with the Furuno black box radar, you’re completely blind if your iPad dies.  I’m a fan of having dedicated marine electronics for functions you consider critical; if radar falls into that category, I’d think twice about that setup.

If the current B&G autopilot system works well, there’s no reason to replace it; if it takes NMEA0183 data in, I’d definitely convert that from NMEA2000 so it can talk with other gear as mentioned above.

If you’d like AIS receive only, consider putting in a VHF radio like the Standard Horizon GX2200, which has separate AIS receivers built in, and can pass that info on to other equipment.  If you’d like to be seen as well, there are a bunch of choices in AIS Class B transponders; I’d recommend one after you nail down the rest of the equipment, so it plays well with everything else.

And finally, chartplotters.  I can see no reason to put in a Raymarine GPS receiver just to give GPS to other gear.  If you’re NOT going to do a plotter (see notes about reliability of iPad and radar…), putting in an AIS-enabled VHF can get you position data just as well.  I’d suggest, though, that you look at the new small MFDs that Simrad, B&G, Raymarine and Garmin have out.  Under $1000, and you can attach radar, AIS, instruments, etc to get a fully marine-capable system that runs off your boat’s batteries (no limited iPad battery life, which ALWAYS seems to fail when you need it most…).

I’ll be interested to see what others recommend.

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> On Aug 9, 2015, at 4:30 PM, John Pennie via CnC-List <cnc-list at> wrote:
> The basic electronics (b&g h1000 system) on Paws have been a challenge since I first got her.  Intermittent failures at the start of each season.  Now depth has failed and of all things it appears to be the transducer.  I'm debating modernizing.  Please tell me if I'm crazy.  A little background:
> Close hauled wind indicator is important to me (which I currently don't have)
> The autopilot (B&G) is a thing of beauty and will be kept
> There are two Furuno chart plotters running older Navionics charts. Frankly I use the iPad almost exclusively now (nobeltec ap and visual tides being my preference)
> AIS is important to me sailing in NY harbor - also off an iPad ap but would consider upgrading
> I couldn't care less about any interface between chart plotter and auto pilot and/or wind
> The boat does have radar which is never used for our current sailing.  Offshore would be a different story and we do do plan another offshore run (Bermuda/Caribbean, etc)
> So here's what I'm thinking.
> Ray i50/60/70 instruments as a stand alone installation
> Existing auto pilot remains as a stand alone unit
> Replace existing Furuno radar dome with the PC version with built in wi-if (works with Nobeltec iPad ap)
> Perhaps add a wireless router 
> Add new Ray GPS head for a multifunction display; use iPad GPS for chart plotter through ap
> I wouldn't install a knot meter - Gps is fine
> Any thoughts on the reliability of wifi offshore?  I would think it's fine but would love to hear opinions.
> All of this could be done for about 4k less whatever I can sell the old equipment for on eBay.  Feel free to tell me I'm nuts.  Keep in mind we do have limited offshore runs in the future.
> Opinions welcome
> John
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