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If your ST60 is giving you True readings then you have boat speed through the water
wired in to the Seatalk bus. I would guess you have a through hull paddle wheel
connected to a Speed or TriData unit.

That is all you need for the new "i" series, though somewhere there will be the
need to convert from Seatalk to SeatalkNG. Or connect the paddle wheel to a new
"i" series display.

When I installed a new SPX/5 Autohelm, i70 display, and converter I found the Raymarine
documentation a bit disjointed, lacking in a correct example of what I was doing, and in
one case was wrong in overview. They showed the Seatalk and SeatalkNG buses being
connected to the SPX/5, which you can do, but it does not do any conversion or anything
useful. I would normally only make a connection if there was some benefit to it. So ask
away if you have any questions.

For most people not racing knowing where the wind is coming from, ie a magnetic direction,
can be useful but maybe not critical. In racing I use it to guess what sail might be best for
VMG around the next mark. I have both symmetrical and asymmetrical spinnakers, so there
is a choice. On the longer distance races even seconds count, so guessing at a heading, sail
and sail trim helps. Winning by 68 seconds on a 27 hours race - priceless  ;-)


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so my old Raymarine st 60 wind instrument gives me apparent wind speed and 
angle and true wind speed and angle at the push of a button...I figured 
those measurements were close enough to accuarte to be good enough for my 
sailing needs...I don't think boat speed or heading or anything else is 
required...are the newer units different 
Dwight Veinot 
C&C 35 MKII, *Alianna* 
Head of St. Margaret's Bay, NS 
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