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Ha ha - 

Reminds me of Foghorn Leghorn.




Bill Coleman

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Funny little story about Butch Ulmer...the "U" in "UK".

Many many moons ago, when I was 12, I stepped aboard a 1972 C & C 35 (the
owner went on to buy a 38 on which I crewed and then a 40, by which time I
had moved on to girls, cars and beer) as a Foredeck Ape.  

We had a full set of Ulmer Sails (the predecessor company to UK Sails) so
naturally Butch was aboard a number of times to look over the sails.

Well one day he was opining on such and such and, I, in my most
know-it-all-teenager-way said he was wrong.   And I kept insisting on it.

Finally Butch looks at me and says "Boy, I have squeezed more seawater outta
my socks than you have been over..."

I shut up.

David F. Risch
(401) 419-4650 (cell)


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I've been very happy with my Tape Drive main. Don't know how old it is.  Its
taken me to Bermuda and Newport.

Sadly, it is reaching the end of its useful life.  That's no reflection on
the workmanship or materials.


Sounds like you made a smart choice!






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I too have worked with Stuart and the gang at UK Sails. I had them make a
sail lazy cradle and lazy jacks for me.  They also did some repairs on some
older sails. The workmanship was very good! They were great to talk to and
easy to deal with. I enjoy being able to drop by and ask questions and get
good advice.


And they have a big ass racing boat :-)


Bill Hoyne


'74 C&C35 MkII

in Victoria,BC




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I know I should have asked you all before taking action and I am certain
that someone out there will have a better solution...that said, I am pleased
to announce that I pulled the trigger on new sails for Alera.  The PO
installed a Schaefer In Boom furler but went cheap on the mylar sails to go
with it.  They were ~15 years old and both sails have been in for repairs
every year for the past two years. The main was actually not made correctly
to the stringent Schaefer specs and the Genoa was to the point of
disintegration along the leech.  Aout four days into our annual three week
sailing trip, the leech detached from the Genoa (again).

We called ahead and pulled into the Van Isle marina in Sidney BC and right
up to the dock at UK sail loft to get the genny repaired.  They fixed it and
even gave us an overnight berth with power and everything.  I met Suart
Dahlgren, the owner. He had been the tech talk presenter at the C&C RDV a
few years ago and was familiar with the boat.   He is also very
knowledgeable.  What started as a discussion about possibly getting a new
Genoa ultimately turned into deal for both primary sails.

The Mainsail was never done right and at its end of life.  Of course, the
cost was a huge impediment to doing it.  But Stu gave a sweet 15% discount
of each sail and an additional 5% for getting both...but the real clincher
was the 0.75 USD to CAD exchange rate, which amounted to an additional 25%.
Lynn and I talked it over, slept on it and were unanimous on going for it!

Since I need thin sails to fit the boom when furled we went to a set of UK
Tape-Drive Cruising sales.  They're due for delivery in October.  I'll let
you all know if they are as good as I hope.

Tom B
Tom Buscaglia
SV Alera
1990 C&C 37+/40
Vashon Island WA
(206) 463-9200 <> 


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