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mcrombie at mcrombie at
Sat Aug 29 19:15:29 EDT 2015

I'm working my way down my project list and finally got to my hot water tank.  The PO just told me that it didn't work.  I was getting 120V at the heating element so I checked the element and it was fried. 

I installed a new element and turned it on for a test. Got hot water after about 10 min, so I went to close everything up. But when I was doing that I touched the pressure relief valve and got a small shock. 

The green ground wire runs to one of the mouting bolts on the heating element and also to the water tank frame. So that seems ok. I also checked for continuity between the hot and neutral wires and the relief valve or frame and got none.

So i'm puzzled. The shock wasn't big, but i definitely felt something. Any ideas???


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