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Mon Jun 1 01:04:54 EDT 2015

Hi Joe,

The 35 lb'der will be okay as a "lunch hook", occasional, or whatever 
you want to call. It can even be considered big for that service.

Serious cruising where you have many more nights/year on the hook and 
very little discretion on when to stay overnight at anchor means a 
minimum 45# is in order. More chain helps too and getting the hook 
down before Happy Hour is better.

On the 35 footer, I've been summer cruising with a "temporary" 22# 
Delta plow and 10 fathoms of chain for 5 years now. I've got an 
appropriate 33# Bruce Lee once I get my bow roller & winch installed. :)

         Cheers, Russ
         Sweet 35 mk-1

At 06:53 PM 31/05/2015, you wrote:
>What size anchor do I need for my 38?  I want to put a plow anchor 
>on a roller and found a 35lb one locally for $50. Found a chart on 
>the photo album that says that would be more than enough but that 
>chart seems to be the exception.  We are in Lake Erie and our only 
>real use would be for an afternoon of swimming and occasional 
>overnight in a very protected bay.
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