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Tue Jun 2 09:58:43 EDT 2015

What kind of barbeque? I think a Weber with side 
burner will do okay in a weedy bottom if the top opens. :)

         Cheers, Russ
         Sweet 35 mk-1

At 10:04 PM 01/06/2015, you wrote:
>This is why I was asking what kind of anchor it 
>was. I had a backyard-built plow anchor on Shift 
>when we bought her, the proportions were all 
>wrong and it held like a castoff barbecue. Design matters.
>Jim Watts
>Paradigm Shift
>C&C 35 Mk III
>Victoria, BC
>On 1 June 2015 at 21:42, Russ & Melody via 
>CnC-List <<mailto:cnc-list at>cnc-list at> wrote:
>Hi Dwight,
>In my reply to Joe I mentioned having but not 
>using a Bruce Lee... that is what a Chinese 
>knock-off is known as around here. Kinda cute, 
>get it? Bruce Lee, the Chinese  character?
>Anyhow, the Bruce Lee is a cast version of the 
>original anchor, which was forged steel.
>check post #28
>Bear in mind that the above is small anchor and 
>cast steel is repairable, you just need to recover the pieces. :)
>Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Cheers, Russ
>Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Sweet 35 mk-1
>At 07:24 AM 01/06/2015, you wrote:
>>and pay attention to how you set the anchor...I 
>>mean back off hard on it to make sure it is set 
>>well and if you can use at least 7 to 1 rode to 
>>depth...I use a 15KG Bruce style knock off with 
>>about 40 feet of 5/16 high tensile chain as my 
>>main hook and I carry my 35 lb CQR and a large 
>>Danforth complete with rodes under the vee 
>>berth as spare...I have had very good 
>>experiences on the Bruce style anchor...a lot 
>>depends on the type of bottom and the set as far as holding power goes
>>Dwight Veinot
>>C&C 35 MKII, Alianna
>>Head of St. Margaret's Bay, NS
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>>On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 3:09 AM, Knowles Rich 
>>via CnC-List <<mailto:cnc-list at>cnc-list at> wrote:
>>Joe, for what you describe you are planning on 
>>doing, that anchor should do just fine. If you 
>>think you may be possibly caught needing more 
>>secure footing, there are several recently 
>>introduced anchors that may serve you better; 
>>Rocna etc, but at considerably more cost. As 
>>others are pointing out, more weight means more 
>>security and the more chain in the rode, the better the anchor will perform.
>>You might also consider installing a windlass 
>>as, unless you are a built like a windlass, 
>>manually hauling bigger anchors and more chain can be a real slog.
>> I used a 15 kg. Bruce with 150â€â„„¢ of 
>>5/16†chain backed by 200’ â„¢ of â
>>nylon rode with a Lofrans windlass on mn my 
>>LF38 for the 17 years I owned her and never had a problem.
>>Rich Knowles
>>Nanaimo, BC
>>On May 31, 2015, at 22:04, Russ & Melody via 
>>CnC-List <<mailto:cnc-list at>cnc-list at> wrote:
>>>What size anchor do I need for my 38?  I 
>>>want to put a plow anchor on a roller and 
>>>found a 35lb one locally for $50. Found a 
>>>chart on the photo album that says that would 
>>>be more than enough but that chart seems to be 
>>>the exception.  We are in Lake Erie and our 
>>>only real use would be for an afternoon of 
>>>swimming and occasional overnight in a very protected bay.Â
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