Stus-List C&C30-1 climb to top of mast?

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Tue Jun 9 09:18:12 EDT 2015

I have gone up masts using snap shackles many times, especially when the 
shackle in on a wire halyard......while not the safest because of the 
risk of them unintentionally opening, make it safe by tying the eye of 
the shackle to the bosun's chair with a sail tie or a piece of rope.  
Also, put a couple of wraps of electrical tape around the shackle.

You don't want to be tying bowlines in your wire halyard when there is 
no need do it.

Rob Abbott
C&C 32 - 84
Halifax, N.S.

On 2015-06-07 10:00 AM, S Thomas via CnC-List wrote:
>  I agree absolutely where snap shackles are concerned, but wire main 
> halyards are seldom equipped with such devices.
> Steve
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>     On the wire halyard you clip into the eye, rather than to the
>     shackle. The idea is to eliminate as many single failure points as
>     possible. Another point is that you don't want to hang on a device
>     that can be easily opened (especially by mistake) - e.g. snap shackle.
>     Marek

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