Stus-List 37 and 34 +/XL/R cabin-side "plates"

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Tue Jun 9 12:21:35 EDT 2015


I can draw up some specs for you. You’re correct, the originals had the letters and “C&C sword” glued on. I, for one, would love a couple of blank stainless plates to go there, but some listers may want “C&C 37+” or “C&C 37XL”, etc on them. 

I’m not sure, but the 34+, XL and R may have/nee the same size. 

I’ll do some measuring on Wednesday and get back to you. 

All the best,


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> On Jun 9, 2015, at 12:03 PM, david via CnC-List <cnc-list at <mailto:cnc-list at>> wrote:
> I am a machinist and I have access to CNC machines, 3D solid modeling software and CAD/CAM software. I would be interested in looking at this project and I think either of the styles shown in the pictures would be do-able.
> I personally like what may be the original version with the raised letters. It appears those letters were "glued" on  but now we can 3D model and machine this as one piece. Depending on what material they are made from it may not be cheap but they would certainly be durable. The other style shown while not photographed straight on could also be made easily but it is not clear from the photos how deep the letters go, i.e. all the way through like a water jet would produce. From the pictures the raised version looks recessed into the fiberglass like an aluminum window frame. The "flush" version appears to be attached with screws and proud of the boat surface.
> To my eye the raised version looks to be aluminum and the flush version is stainless or perhaps just polished.
> Are these design plans available or would someone be able to provide a sample.
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