Stus-List Emergency Tiller Bracket Squeaking

Jim Reinardy firewater at
Sun Jun 14 18:21:32 EDT 2015

Hello All,


I have a persistent squeak when I turn the wheel on my 30-2.  I have traced
it to the emergency tiller bracket in the back of the cockpit.    I can
spray McLube in there and it will go away for a short time, but always comes
back, especially after a rain.   Was there originally a cover on the
bracket, BTW?


I don't see a grease fitting like the lower part of the shaft has, or
another way to get a better lubricant in there.  


Anyone had this issue before?  I am reluctant to remove the bracket for fear
of causing larger issues with the steering system, so reassurance there
would also be helpful.




Jim Reinardy

C&C 30-2 "Firewater"

Milwaukee, WI 

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