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I also have a 3GM30F and at the time [2010] the work on the head gasket and injectors was done the engine was ~ 25 yo, 12 of which I had been the owner.  Was getting quite a bit soot on the transom, cold starts were becoming increasingly difficult and the idle was rough.  As I had never done any major work on the engine and since the head was pulled and sent to a machine shop to be reconditioned, the mechanic recommended having the injectors sent out to a shop to be rebuilt, rightly concluding the “spray pattern” was not optimal.  It took about a week + but part of that time was due to the injector shop owner had recently passed away and his widow was doing the work, without all the “certified training.”  The injectors had to be redone.  The mechanic also adjusted the valves so everything was back in spec.  


Pulling just the injectors did not appear to be an overly complicated process.  The injector rebuild itself included replacing the nozzles and was US$125 for each injector.  The total hours billed included a few other repairs / replacements so would estimate the labor for the injectors themselves were ~ 3 hours all in.  Add in a few other minor parts like copper washers. 






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What was involved with checking the injectors and having them rebuilt?  Was it time consuming to remove them and costly for rebuild?




Yanmar 3GM30F



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When I had my gasket replaced on my Yanmar a few years ago [was getting oil in the coolant] the mechanic also highly recommended it would be a good time to have the injectors checked  / rebuilt, and have a compression check on each of the cylinders – one was near the minimum and the others were fine.  It all made a big difference in how the engine performed, the exhaust was much less sooty and the transom actually stayed clean for a while.  



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