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Jean-Francois J Rivard jfrivard at
Mon Jun 22 12:29:35 EDT 2015

Here's another option:  Instead of paying 125.00 per for rebuild why not 
buy brand new ones for 132.00 bucks each? 

See here:

Mine were sticking / cold start was smoky and sometimes laborious. I have 
shopped for / seen them for less in the past. 

I can postpone that purchase now.. With a steady diet of Power Kleen and 
regular once a week use (or more) thanks for Wed nite racing.  It's pretty 
much cured:  It cold starts in 2-3 secs with the throttle on idle.  (It 
used to refuse to start on anything less than full throttle / several 
minutes of cranking) 


-Francois Rivard
1990 34+ 'Take Five"
Lake Lanier, GA

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