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HI Edd


Our prior boat was a Galaxy 32 with a Mitsubishi 3 cylinder that blew a hole in a piston which was traced to an improperly installed exhaust that allowed water back to the cylinders.  This was about 20 years ago.  We went to a Beta (30??) and were very pleased with the result – brand new everything, easily installed after some minor tweaks to the engine beds, started and ran like a dream, easily maintained.  We sold her 16 years ago and a definite plus to the sale was the “new” engine.  The boat is still in the area and as far as I know that Beta just keeps chugging along.  On another note, our insurance paid for the engine and install but not for redoing the exhaust.  They would not pay for the cause of the problem but would pay for resulting damage.  I want to say we had Boat US at the time.  Might want to make inquiry with your agent.


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I appreciate the comments and advice — as well as the freedom you have with my checkbook. 


But, in the end, you’re right. I’ve heard some horror stories about rebuilds (they sometimes don’t go 100% to specs and cut corners to get the job done faster) and, in the end, you end up with a less than perfect 25 year-old engine. Better to, as Steve says, “do it right, do it all the way” than “get the job done well enough” and deal with future problems when they come — and yes, I really think its a “when”, not an “if”. 


Also, the idea of losing two months of my season waiting for a rebuild is not sitting well with me. Our season here in New York is short enough. I need to be out there, on the water. You know. Boldly going. 


I’m trying to connect Farron at Beta Marine in NC with my mechanic on City Island to discuss mounts, connections, transmission, etc. By the way, Farron at Beta Marine USA has taken the term customer service to a whole new level. Drawings, details, email conversations, phone calls, etc. — never once pushing me to buy the engine — in fact, helping me troubleshoot what could be wrong and options for keeping the existing one. If you’re ever in repower mode, whether you go with Beta or not, this man is a wonderful resource for information. 


I’m very close to pulling the phaser trigger and buying a Beta 30. Will let you know how it goes. 

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