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Hi Derek,


I purchased a 29-2 in 2012 - 1985 hull 693.

In have looked at a lot of 29-2's over the last few years.

Most do not have any signs of cracks in the hulls either below the waterline
or above.

I have seen a couple with cracks radiating out from the forward edge and
trailing edge of the keel.

In my opinion, this indicates a hard grounding of the boat. The worst
example of hull cracks still had a lot of damage to the front of the keel
that had not been repaired. The damage had obviously been caused by a hard
grounding on rocks. I would recommend that you pick a couple of the worst
cracks and scrape a narrow band until you reach the bottom of the crack. If
the cracks extend through the gelcoat into the fiberglass layup then I would
have a surveyor check the boat. If they are superficial and do not extend
into the layup then they are mainly a cosmetic / water ingress issue.

I grounded my 29-2 in a channel that was being dredged in 2013. The boat hit
a pile of sand left in the channel by the dredge and stopped dead in the
water from a speed of 5.5 knots.

After the grounding the keel bolts started to leak.

When I removed the nut and washer from one of the large keel bolts, I was
surprised to see the same large clearance with no filler around the bolt
with water pouring in through the gap.

The boat went to Wiggers in Bowmanville. They dropped the keel and rebedded

Turns out the previous owner had dropped the keel and rebedded it in epoxy
rather than sealant. Wiggers said the shock from the grounding had
delaminated this layer of epoxy bedding and caused the leaks.

Wiggers rebedded the keel with Sikaflex and it has been trouble free with mo
C&C smile.


The forward keel bolt / mast step is a know weakness in the 29-2. The large
void under the mast step and in the forward part of the stub keel is filled
with a hard foam.

I suggest that you drill exploratory holes in the front side of the bilge
sump into the foam filled "void" under the mast. If water comes out of the
holes, you have a problem. My boat has 3 drain holes from the bilge sump
into this area. I periodically probe into the foam filled void with a wire
to make sure that it is dry.


Are you in the east end or west end of Toronto.

I am in the east and would be happy to look at your boat if you want




Fair Winds,


Bob Hickson, P. Eng.

Frenchman's Bay Yacht Club,

C and C 29 mark 2, Flying Colours,


bobhickson at <mailto:bobhickson at> 




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