Stus-List Rig - crack?

Stevan Plavsa stevanplavsa at
Wed May 13 11:21:18 EDT 2015

The word from Navtec is "replace", which doesn't surprise me. I don't see
that they have much incentive to tell me to sail with it as is, from both a
liability perspective as well as a sales perspective. Oh well, our short
sailing season just got shorter :(

it's going to be about two weeks before I can get the stick up again. And
then I'm not sure where I'll be putting it up. We had an agreement for this
Friday for me and a few other boats from our small club to use one of the
larger club's cranes. I'm missing out on that party so it looks like I'll
be going to one of the sketchy port guys down on Cherry Street. I've had
experiences with one of those guys and it was terrible, so I guess I'll try
the other guy. Unless any Toronto listers have other suggestions?

Suhana, C&C 32

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> I would file/grind/buff down the suspected crack to see what it is. At
> worst the
> end is defective and you are sure. I doubt taking 1/64" or less off will
> make a
> cracked part any worse. At best after you buff it out there is no crack
> and the
> die does not show up you should be good.
> From your original photo #3 you might try in the middle of the flat part.
> Michael Brown
> Windburn
> C&C 30-1
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> Rob was by yesterday, bless him for coming out at 7:00pm on short notice
> ..
> then putting up with my rowing into the wind and chop. He's a good sport.
> Did the dye test .. jury is out. He's going to Navtec with the pictures
> and
> I should know by today. If I had more time I would replace it on principle
> but I've got crane time booked on Friday with no idea when the next
> opportunity might be, more than likely I'de be paying to have it done
> later
> in the season. The lost time is more of a concern than the spent money.
> So,
> if the rig needs fixing then I'm out for a couple of weeks at least. If
> not
> .. then the mast goes up on Friday just in time for our long weekend! If
> the best case scenario pans out I'll be making plans starting now to have
> the eye dealt with in the fall, as well as one seized tie bar, otherwise
> the rig is sound. I was hoping to spend boat bucks on a new cabin sole and
> running rigging this year. We shall see.
> Cheers,
> Steve
> Suhana, C&C 32
> Toronto
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