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Just looked in my 2GM20 parts manual:

121000-42100 is a replacement water pump with impeller/bearings/gasket and pulley flange that bolts into the thermostat casting as a module. THIS IS THE ONE YOU WANT!

128695-42010 is as above, but also includes the thermostat casting that above bolts into. I doubt you need that one.

sam :-)

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Engine: Yanmar 3GM30F


Have come across two part numbers at different costs.


1.      128695-42010 “Cooling Fresh Water Pump” .  Generally selling for around $270 USD


2.      121000-42100 “Fresh Water Pump Assembly”.  Selling $176.95 CAD at boat house



Is the second a component of the first?  Anyone know the difference and which is needed to be replaced when the seals start to go resulting in the leak from weeping port?




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