Stus-List Rig - crack?

robert robertabbott at
Thu May 14 22:23:50 EDT 2015

I have no problem admitting to my mental limitations....if I were that 
smart, I wouldn't be sailing a 31 year old boat and I wouldn't be doing 
all of the maintenance/work myself.  Possibly explains why I am a big 
fan of the C&C list.

Here's another example of 'stupid'......changed the engine oil last Fall 
just before haul out....started the engine after the oil change but just 
long enough to hear the engine alarm go 'off'....launched this Spring 
and went for a half hour motor before docking.....noticed some oil in 
the we get to the 'stupid'......forgot to put the oil cap 
back on the to of the engine last Fall after the oil change....some oil 
spurted out of the top of the engine and made a mess all the way to the 

Had a big clean up.....I am a full member of the 'stupid club' and 
freely admit it!

Rob Abbott
C&C 32 - 84
Halifax, N.S.

On 2015-05-14 11:04 PM, Wally Bryant via CnC-List wrote:
> you wrote:
>> Steve:
>>  Instantly, now I feel stupid....
> Welcome to the club.
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